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Procam Acquires Take 2


LR-John Brennan and Vince Wild-email

John Brennan (left) and Vince Wild
John Brennan (left) and Vince Wild
British rental company Procam announced that it has acquired London-based rental house Take 2 increasing its U.K. footprint. Established in 1999, Take 2 provides digital and film camera equipment, advice and support to high-end motion picture and episodic TV series, including U.S. shows shot in the U.K. Take 2’s movie credits include The King’s Speech, The Imitation Game, Paddington and Pride.

Over the next six months Procam plans to augment Take 2’s inventory, which already includes a large portfolio of the latest ARRI, RED, Sony and high-speed Phantom digital cinematography cameras, ARRI and Aaton 35mm/16mm cameras, an extensive stock of vintage anamorphic, spherical, macro, telephoto and specialist lenses, plus accessories. Take 2 also offers a grip, crane and remote head facility, as well as a digital postproduction lab and grading suite.

“The future is bright for Take 2,” said John Brennan, Group CEO, of Procam. “It is a well-established brand and its highly-respected team now have the additional infrastructure and resources to move the company forward to the next stage, at home and abroad. Procam has successfully taken root in New York, and following the recent extension of tax credits enabling cost-efficient filming in California, we’re looking at taking the Take 2 brand to the U.S. West Coast.”

“The combined knowledge of the two companies will benefit producers working in all genres of production,” said Vince Wild, director of Take 2. “Across the group, they can access the widest range of cameras, lenses and production equipment in the rental market, as well as the latest and greatest technology as it is released. With features and TV dramas being shot in multiple locations throughout the U.K., Procam’s regional presence is also of significant added value to Take 2’s clientele.”

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