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Producers Treks into the Great Outdoors for New Field And Stream Spot


An experienced bow hunter poses for the Field and Stream ad.
Maryland-based film and video production company, Producers, was recently tapped by Field and Stream, the venerable brand known for its expertise in outdoors, and Dick’s Sporting Goods to produce a national broadcast campaign featuring their line of hunting, fishing, kayaking and camping equipment and apparel. The production took director, Rip Lambert, and executive producer, Ross Jones to a wilderness preserve in Galena, Ohio. A crew of 20 drove 4x4s and hiked several miles into remote locations to shoot scenes including bow and rifle hunting, kayaking and fly fishing. Producers’ newly acquired Red Epic filmed the shots at frame rates up to 120fps.

“Scouting was key for us because of the remote locations where we were filming,” Jones explained. “We had an outdoor guide who helped us find the locations. We went out two weeks in advance to pick spots and see the light situation. We were immediately excited because we knew we were going to get some beautiful footage.”

“Authenticity was vital,” Lambert said. “While we were auditioning actors, it was important to me that they be outdoor enthusiasts – people who had experience in kayaks, fishing in streams, climbing to tree stands. We were lucky to find some great folks including one lady who was an experienced bow hunter. It was a logistically challenging shoot, but we filmed some beautiful magic hour scenes, with our DP Manny Vouniozos, that were well worth the long hikes and days.”

Producers also handled all of the postproduction, which included editing and color grading some existing archival footage from Field and Stream. A version of “America the Beautiful” recorded by Xenia, a 2011 finalist from the popular television show The Voice, was used for the soundtrack. Dick’s Sporting Goods creative director, Frank Igrec conceived the commercial and acted as art director.

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