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Red Bull Rampage 3D Relies on Element Technica


On the set of Red Bull Rampage 3D
Element Technica announced that Gregg Katano and Ajay Relan, the creative team behind Hi-Ground Media and producer/director Wayne Miller of Action 3D Productions recently used the company’s Pulsar 3D rig for the Red Bull Rampage 3D: The Evolution shoot. The recent production, shot in Virgin, Utah, captures the story of five top riders from around the world, competing at the world’s most extreme freestyle mountain biking event.

“The location was in the rugged, dusty mountains of Virgin, Utah, in close proximity to Zion Park,” explained executive producer and Hi-Ground founder Katano. “The ride began at about 6,000 feet, and the rugged, rocky terrain required us to move cameras/rigs into position each day via SUVs and manpower.”

“We encountered everything from rain to wind storms as we followed these riders as they prepared for the event, built their ‘lines’ (the path they would take down the mountain course), interviewed them and captured their practice sessions during the days leading up to the event,” said Miller.

“We’ve been working with Element Technica for two years, beginning with the inception of their line of 3D rigs,” he added. “The rigs are robust and the technical support is of the highest quality. They bring state-of-the-art technology and technical support to maintaining their rigs.”

Even though this would be the maiden voyage of the new Pulsar rig, the team knew they had chosen the right gear for the job. “The Pulsar carried a high-speed camera system with DigiPrime lenses,” says Miller. “We really put it through its paces in the challenging environmental conditions which required daily movement.”

Element Technica’s Pulsar is engineered to stereoscopically mount mid-sized and box-style digital cameras such as the Scarlet, Epic, SI-2K, Sony EX3 and P1. Element Technica rigs are renowned for their robust construction, and for the ability to be set up and precisely aligned in a short period of time. Additionally, ET 3D rigs are camera agnostic, and the same rig can be configured in side-by-side or beam-splitter modes.

Red Bull Rampage 3D: The Evolution completed postproduction at Hi-Ground Media in Los Angeles, and will be slated for release later this year.

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