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Rotolight Unveils RotoFlood 6K at NAB


LR-Roto lightRotolight unveil a new 6KW LED Light Ring, made with six Rotolight ANOVA bi-color LED Floodlights at NAB 2013. Weighing 18.5 Kg, the hexagonal light ring can be mounted to lighting stands, or together with any cinematic motion picture camera, mounted on a specially designed 19 mm rail support system. The complete rig (lights and camera) can then be panned by 360º and tilted using a cinematic tripod or camera mount.

The RotoFlood 6K rig is ideal for super slow-motion cinematography and delivers flicker free, 6000 watt, 110º beam angle, color controllable lighting with a shadowless ‘soft-light’ effect. The 6K Rig can be controlled by DMX or WiFi using the Rotolight Magic Eye iPhone/iPad app.

The company will also introduce new additions to the Rotolight AlphaNova series – including new ANOVA 5600 and ANOVA 3200 fixed color LED Floodlights, which are 35 percent brighter.

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