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Sachtler Expands Ace Product Line with Ace L


Sachtler Ace L

Sachtler, part of Vitec Videcom, is introducing its new 75mm Ace L fluid head at IBC 2012. The new fluid head will be available with a choice of three different carbon-fiber tripods. In comparison to the popular Ace M, Ace L has an extended payload range of zero to six kilograms (up to 13 lbs). This makes the new fluid head extremely versatile. Whether filming with a lightweight video-enabled DSLR camera, a heavier rig with camera accessories, or an HDV camcorder. Seven steps make counterbalancing comfortable and quick. The Ace L also features the patented SA drag (Synchronised Actuated Drag) damping with three vertical and three horizontal grades of drag (+0), which provides an authentic broadcast feel and familiar dependability for precise panning and tilting. Popular Sachtler features, such as the illuminated bubble level, round out the new Ace L fluid head.

“Due to the great demand for the Ace M, we decided to develop the Ace product line further,” said Barbara Jaumann, product manager at Sachtler. “The new Ace L offers a choice of carbon-fiber tripods, an extended payload range for work with multiple camera accessories, plus typical Sachtler extras such as the illuminated bubble level – all at the same price/performance ratio which quickly made the Ace M the most popular tripod system in its class.”

Carbon-fiber tripods

The three new Ace L carbon-fiber systems offer a two kilogram weight saving over other systems on the market. The version with the ground spreader and the TT 75/2 CF telescopic tripod, together with the fluid head, weighs in at just 4.1 kilograms (9 lbs). With the mid-level spreader, the Ace L system weighs a mere 3.9 kilograms (8.6 lbs.). In addition to their low weight, carbon fiber tripods win over users with low torsion.

The TT 75/2 CF telescopic tripod is exclusively available in the system with Ace L. The three segments per tripod leg can be quickly adjusted in length and secured with a fast action clamp. Three different positions are available for the leg angle adjustment. Furthermore, the tripod equipped with the Ace L head provides an extremely broad height range of 43 to 186 centimeters (17 to 73 in). The Ace 75/2 CF version with ground spreader provides a height range of 57 to 173 centimeters (22 to 68 in.) with maximum stability. In addition, Ace L is available with the Ace 75/2 CF in the mid-level spreader model and with Sachtler rubber feet – ideal for filming on uneven ground.

Counterbalance from zero to six kilograms

The seven-step counterbalance and the long 104 mm (4.1 in) sliding range of the Ace camera plate allows for quick counterbalancing of a camera set-up weighing anywhere from zero to six kilograms. In addition, Ace L features clearly marked counterbalance settings to aid repeatable moves. The new fluid head has a tilt range of +90° to -75°. In addition, every Ace L tripod system comes with a bag, which features practical grips as well as a carrying strap. A tripod carrying strap for the Ace L tripod systems with the Ace 75/2 CF is optionally available.

The Ace tripod systems are ideal for the growing market of video and DSLR filmmakers whose work includes everything from low-budget documentaries and EB to industry films, wedding, event and training videos as well as webinars.

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