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SAE Institute Adds Steadicam Training Curriculum


The Tiffen Company announced the launch of its new Steadicam Authorized Education Curriculum in conjunction with the SAE Institute, a multinational educational organization with more than 55 campuses around the world. As of this September, the SAE Institute has integrated a specialized Steadicam curriculum into its overall course offering, providing students a structured lesson plan in the techniques of Steadicam operation coupled with hands-on experience using the latest Steadicam camera stabilization gear.

“With our deep and longstanding commitment to the industry, it is incredibly important that Tiffen is involved in the mentoring of future filmmakers, cinematographers and creative professionals,” said Steve Tiffen, president and CEO, The Tiffen Company. “Tiffen is continually out in the field connecting with artists. We take the time to understand their creative needs and, in turn, build exceptional tools that serve them best. With the Steadicam Authorized Education Curriculum, we are incorporating that field knowledge into a lesson plan that gives students the solid fundamentals of how artists are leveraging Steadicam technology to achieve their vision and create the world’s greatest images.”

The curriculum, devised by Tiffen’s Robin Thwaites, is based around the Steadicam Scout HD and is taught by certified SAE instructors. The company worked closely with SAE to certify instructors for the program worldwide.

Students learn Steadicam set-up, balancing, basic exercises, operational techniques as well as making shots and pictorial content. Upon completion of the course, students will have the knowledge to set up and adjust a Steadicam rig, arm and vest, and perform static and dynamic balance; understand posture and rest positions; start-stop, panning, track shooting; learn a wide range of techniques to achieve Steadicam shots including switches. They will also have a solid understanding as to what point Steadicam is needed within the production.

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