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Shotover Sells Two F1 Aerial Camera Systems to NYonAir


Shotover has sold two F1 aerial camera systems to the production and photography company NYonAir. NYonAir will use the cameras for aerial cinematography, event coverage, commercial film production, location scouting and real estate marketing. The company will be providing aerial shots from the F1 during the broadcast of the Lehigh vs. Lafayette football game airing on Nov. 22 on the CBS Sports Network.

Shotover is the maker of stabilization platforms for the motion picture and broadcast industries. The F1 system offers aerial capabilities in a package light enough to be transported by a single person as checked baggage. The F1’s 6-axis gyro stabilization and modular design is versatile, accommodating cameras such as the Red Epic and Dragon, Arri Alexa (all models), Phantom Flex4K, Canon C500 and Sony F55 and F65, along with a broad range of popular lenses such as the Angenieux 25-250, the IBE adapter and Fujinon 42×9.7. Shotover continues to add support for new cameras and lenses as they become available, enabling F1 owners to upgrade their systems.

“We had the opportunity to put the F1 through its paces during a Shotover demo on the East Coast and were blown away by its intuitive control, ease of use and image quality,” said Patrick Day, CEO at NYonAir. “The F1 is also the only system out there with a look-down capability, which provides great views of buildings and properties for our real estate clients.”

Designed for high-performance aerial cinematography, the Shotover F1 delivers motion picture quality images in a flexible, fast-rigging package. In addition to aircraft, the F1 can easily be mounted on ground vehicles and watercraft, providing stability during high-speed shooting.

“NYonAir is one of the premier aerial production companies in the biggest media market in the world and we are extremely pleased they have chosen Shotover for their aerial shooting needs,” said Alan Purwin, CEO of Shotover.

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