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SIM Group Supports Women In Film’s PSA For Discovery Eye Foundation


LR-WomenInFilm02The SIM Group recently donated a variety of goods and services to help Women in Film produce a public service announcement for the Discovery Eye Foundation‘s Macular Degeneration Partnership.

Titled “One Focus,” the PSA depicts the world through the eyes of someone afflicted with age-related macular degenerative disease (AMD). It follows a woman as she visits a park and shows her growing concern as familiar objects such as signs, flowers, ice cream and faces become blurred. As the voiceover describes the Macular Degeneration Partnership’s work to preserve eyesight, the distorted objects become clear again.

“The camera follows our grandmother because it was important to show how macular degeneration affects the center vision,” said Bonnie Spence, who directed the spot. “It’s very confusing and frustrating when you can no longer recognize faces or read a full sentence. Early detection and treatment is crucial.”

The PSA is part of Women in Film’s ongoing program to produce PSAs pro bono for selected charitable organizations. Crew and suppliers involved in the production of “One Focus” donated their time, skills and resources. The SIM Group’s contribution included a complete camera package from SIM Group, dailies processing from Bling Digital, and visual effects and postproduction finishing from Chainsaw.
“Women in Film’s PSA program has a stellar reputation, and we were happy to assist in their work,” said SIM Group director of marketing Suzanne Lezotte. “It was not only an opportunity to support an important and worthy cause, it was also a chance to work with great people, like Bonnie Spence, cinematographer Cynthia Pushek, ASC and producer Romell Foster-Owens.”

Women in Film’s PSA program focuses primarily on charities that help women and children. A majority of professional volunteers who create the spots are also women. “This project not only had women as director, cinematographer and producer, it also featured women in non-traditional roles,” noted Foster-Owens. “Our boom operator, our key grip and our first assistant camera were all women.”

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