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SISU Cinema Robotics Announces SISU Battery Box for Robotic Camera Equipment


SISU Battery Box (SISU)

SISU Cinema Robotics has been transforming the landscape of robotic camera equipment by introducing user-friendly cinema technology designed to keep pace with the demands of modern production. Today, SISU proudly unveils its latest innovation, the “SISU Battery Box”, a ground-breaking addition set to redefine the possibilities of cinematic motion control.

This first-of-its-kind portable power solution extends cinematic capabilities by providing unprecedented freedom, offering 8+ hours of continuous clean power and delivering an impressive 8.7kVA output, compatible with all of SISU’s cinema robots as well as other motion control systems. But this is only the beginning. SISU’s Battery Box offers filmmakers unparalleled flexibility, as it can run a robot arm indefinitely while simultaneously trickle charging the batteries simply by connecting to a standard wall outlet. Equipped with spare 120V circuits, true sine wave AC, heavy-duty casters and more, this portable wonder elevates the art of cinema robotics, setting a new standard for simplicity and ease of use.

SISU’s “Battery Box” represents a pivotal addition to motion control production, solving a long-standing pain point with motion control technology – the hassle of sorting out volts, phases, and connections for every single shoot. This proprietary technology marks a pioneering advancement for powering any motion control production, making it a “must-have” for motion control enthusiasts, allowing them to follow their creativity anywhere- whether inside the studio or on location.

With pre-orders starting today, filmmakers can secure the shortest possible wait time for owning this transformative technology.

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SISU CINEMA ROBOTICS specializes in making impossible visions possible, and they do it in a fraction of the time. Their devices are renowned for their agility and intuitiveness, providing real-time control over powerful robotic equipment. With cutting-edge technology that promises to redefine your workflow, SISU CINEMA ROBOTICS offers unprecedented control, mobility, and power. Discover a new level of cinematic freedom with the “SISU Battery Box” and embrace the future of filmmaking.

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