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Study Reveals Shift to 3D Over the Next Five Years


An industry survey conducted by Media Services, (an entertainment accounting, payroll, crew booking and software provider), shows that 3D is becoming a predominant mode of production, with nearly half of respondents indicating their business will focus on 3D film and television production in the next five years.

“Clearly, 3D entertainment is a rapidly growing market. We are seeing a surge in requests for film crews experienced in and equipped to film in 3D,” says Joe Maiella, vice president at Media Services who oversees the company’s crew booking division.

Maiella notes that everything points to 3D production including the rise in 3D TV channels, growth in 3D live-event coverage, and the expansion of specialized facilities providing expertise in HD and 3D film production such as Sony’s third and newest technology center in India.

“One of the interesting aspects of the 3D revolution will be its adoption in areas outside of the traditional entertainment industry such as the academic, corporate and institutional markets,” adds Maiella. “From live events to coursework over the internet, 3D media and programming can enhance the audience entertainment and educational experience in all these forums.”

The 2011 survey of film, television, commercial and corporate media production professionals was conducted to identify overall trends and issues that influence crew booking decisions. The study confirmed that experience of local crews followed by equipment availability rank as the most important challenges producers face when shooting on location. Still, 43% reported cost of time, travel and gear transport as a significant issue, the main reasons why producers turn to crew booking services.

“Crew booking makes sense now more than ever since productions face tighter budgets, high travel costs and more risk in shipping gear, while the latest equipment and technology are now accessible in most locations worldwide,” explains Maiella.

The crewing study was conducted in conjunction with the launch of Media Services’ online crew booking portal, ( a new resource that offers free, online searches with detailed information about crew and equipment resources by area. Visitors can search, compare and book crews, technicians, and equipment resources in all 50 states and more than 90 countries, as well as submit a crew request online on a 24/7 basis.

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Vicon Introduces Mobile Mocap at SIGGRAPH

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