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The Camera House Buys Two Sets of Canon PL-Mount EF Cinema Zoom Lenses


Camera House President/CEO Rufus Burnham.
The Camera House, a high-end motion-picture rental company in North Hollywood, has purchased two new sets of PL-mount EF Cinema zoom lenses from Canon U.S.A.

“The move from film to large-sensor digital cameras has opened the door for newer lenses,” said Rufus Burnham, president/CEO of The Camera House. “There really hasn’t been much out there in terms of new zooms for those cameras. Now Canon has come along with new PL-mount cine zooms that are lighter, smaller and more affordable than most of the competition whilst being amazing in quality. We were so impressed and I believe these new Canon zooms will be very successful in the commercial world, as well as for TV and features.”

The two new Canon PL-mount EF Cinema zoom lenses include the CN-E14.5-60mm T2.6 L SP wide-angle cine zoom and the Canon CN-E30-300mm T2.95-3.7 L SP telephoto cine zoom. Both of these precision-matched lenses incorporate Canon optical designs that optimize and enhance multiple imaging attributes, while minimizing optical aberrations and distortions. New Canon technologies employed in the CN-E14.5-60mm and the CN-E30-300mm cine zooms include advanced glass materials with fluorite and large aspherical lens elements to achieve sharp, consistent images throughout the zoom range of each lens. Canon also used exotic new optical coatings and new computer-design techniques to achieve significant overall optical performance. Canon engineers incorporated geared inner focusing within each lens to minimize focus-induced changes in the angle of view and reduce focus breathing.

Both lenses are engineered to meet the overall imaging requirements of the latest large-format single-sensor digital cinematography cameras. This new optical platform is based on extensive R&D to develop prototype 8K lenses to support the work of NHK on a future UHDTV 8K/4K television system.

“These Canon lenses project beautifully, and their color and resolution are great,” said Burnham. “We tested these lenses with rental clients and they were very impressed with the picture quality, compact size, and low weight. When we get that kind of professional feedback we take it very seriously, which is why we invested in the lenses. We are also very excited to see the new hand held zooms which are coming later in the year. They will also be a fantastic addition to our inventory.”

The Camera House’s latest set of Canon PL-mount CN-E14.5-60mm and CN-E30-300mm cine zooms were purchased from Band Pro Film & Digital.

The wide-angle CN-E14.5-60mm maintains its T2.6 maximum aperture over the entire focal range. The lens preserves a high MTF (modulation transfer function) at wide-open apertures, exhibits well-controlled light distribution across the image plane, and greatly curtails ghosting and veiling glare artifacts from strong light sources. These attributes help ensure superb contrast under a wide range of scene-lighting conditions. The telephoto CN-E30-300mm complements the wide-angle CN-E14.5-60mm in larger studios while also servicing many outdoor shots.

“They are beautifully made lenses, and the glass is of impeccable quality,” Burnham stated.

The focal ranges offered by the Canon CN-E14.5-60mm wide-angle cine zoom and CN-E30-300mm telephoto cine zoom lenses are designed to address most of the needs of contemporary episodic HDTV program production.

In the case of television production, a precision back-focus adjustment can be accessed (the mechanism is concealed beneath a cover plate) to expedite lens-camera set-up, which is especially useful in multi-camera TV production environments. In addition, both lenses provide fine control over geometric distortion to prevent visible anomalies when shooting at extreme wide angles on large studio sets with extended straight edges.

Both lenses are engraved with large, highly visible focus scales for convenient film-style operation. Both also have a common 136mm front diameter for use with industry-standard optical accessories. The location, diameter, and rotation angle of the lens gears are also identical, making it easy to exchange lenses on set.

“Canon has made a tremendous commitment to our industry on several levels and I am very excited with what they are doing,” said Burnham. “They are listening to people like us and producing great products at great prices. Canon is a huge worldwide company, so you know you’ll have the support you want in terms of service and support.”

“Canon has had enormous success with its HD-SLR cameras and now with the introduction of the EOS C500 4K Digital Cinema Camera they cannot be ignored on the high-end professional level,” Burnham added. “Everything that I have seen footage-wise from the Canon C500 camera is extremely impressive. As I mentioned I am very excited at the potential of the upcoming hand-held zooms as well. I think Canon is going to continue to impact in industry in positive and innovative ways.”

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