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The Tiffen Company Spots its Lowel Prime Location and PRO Power LEDs


Lowel Prime Location LED Panels.
Lowel Prime Location LED Panels.

The Tiffen Company announced two new additions to the Lowel family of LED lights: Lowel Prime Location LED and Lowel PRO Power LED systems. “The new Lowel solutions represent our commitment to transitioning to newer technologies in lighting, taking full advantage of these advancements,” said Steve Tiffen, president and CEO, The Tiffen Company.

The Lowel Prime Location LED has a high output spread over a wide 50-degree beam angle. This 1×1 LED panel features a rugged housing and a high IP-65 rating. An IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 65 means Prime Location LEDs can be used in rain, sand or dust storms. Each LED 1×1 panel features an all-metal housing making it perfect for the environments of rental houses and grip trucks. Its AC connections use Powercon AC bridging between fixtures to reduce the need for multiple AC outlets. Prime Location LEDs also come with your choice of V-lock or Anton Bauer Gold Mount battery plates for DC operation. The lights are available in hi-CRI Daylight, Tungsten or Bi-Color models and are dimmable without color shift. Their lite diffusion front-piece reduces LED multi-shadow.

Lowel PRO Power LED.
Lowel PRO Power LED.

Lowel PRO Power LED is a compact, focusing light available in hi-CRI Tungsten or Daylight color with a wide fresnel 8:1 focus range. The PRO Power LED is designed to allow lighting from a greater distance from subject, allowing a shooter to get more of the location into the wide shot. The light is dimmable without color shift and works with either AC power or its proprietary DC accessory battery system, which clamp-mounts to the light stand to improve balance and stability, but can also be used with a shoulder strap for handheld lighting. Additionally, it has a selection of accessory light control and mounting options. It’s available alone or in kit combinations.

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