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VER Orders 50 Sony HDC-4300 Cameras


Video Equipment Rentals (VER) announced it has ordered 50 Sony HDC-4300 camera systems. The new camera – the next generation of HDC camera technology – features three 2/3-inch 4K image sensors, which lets operators use the array of 2/3-inch ENG and high magnification and long zoom range box lenses currently used by HD 2/3-inch systems, while maintaining an angle of view and depth of field that sports producers are accustomed to. The system allows the capture of 4K or HD images, as well as up to 8x high frame rate.

The purchase is part of a larger effort over the next six months to invest in emerging new technologies.

“VER’s purchase of Sony’s HDC-4300 is a continuation of our strategic focus to provide our customers with a growing array of the most sophisticated products and solutions whenever they need them,” said Steve Hankin, president and CEO of VER. “With our ability to invest in new products and services, made possible in part by the recent investment in our company by Catterton, a leading growth-focused investment firm, we fully expect to continue to grow our business and provide our clients with the very best in equipment, expertise and service.”

“We recognize the Sony HDC-4300 represents a new breed of exciting solutions for the VER client base. The technology of the camera system is compatible between the HD and 4K systems, allowing our clients to keep their approach to live events and operate using familiar camera technology,” said Vince Pace, ASC. “We are particularly excited to provide our clients with access to the HDC-4300 super slow motion and high frame rate capabilities all in a single and industry recognized form factor.”

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