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Video Equipment Rentals Orders 1,000 PAGlink Batteries


PAG-LiIon-LinkedPAG announced the purchase of 1,000 new Gold Mount (3-Stud, Snap-On) PAGlink batteries by rental house Video Equipment Rentals (VER).

Slated for launch at NAB 2014, the PAGlink HC-PL94T Li-Ion battery is compatible with Gold Mount camera plates. The batteries employ PAG’s linking technology so two or more may be linked to allow higher current and longer run times. Uniquely, four or more PAGlink batteries can be linked for charging on AB Li-Ion chargers, resulting in a 16-channel unit. That means less battery swapping and fewer chargers.

PAG-LiIon-Stacked“Certainly our friends in the reality market are going to fall in love with this battery,” said VER Cinema Market manager Wayne Miller. “It will also be popular for newsgathering and for cinema production due to its high capacity and flexibility. The ability to stack these batteries on a traditional charger will lead to big savings in space and cost.”

VER will begin accepting delivery of the new batteries in late April. At NAB, PAGlink HC-PL94T will be showcased by Manios Digital & Film at booth C9539.

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