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Video of the Day: Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s In A City


LR-In a City

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his production company Hitrecord recently partnered with Samsung to shoot a 4K short film called In A City, using Samsung’s new NX1 4K/UHD camera.

The film takes an intimate look at city life spanning the globe from Los Angeles to Cairo, Tokyo to Rio De Janeiro and from Prague to London.

“Cinematography is one of the most powerful aspects of filmmaking,” said Gordon-Levitt. “To visually express the mood of a scene or moment is as essential to storytelling as a script, a score, or an actor’s performance. When you’re creating art, it’s important to know that your tools will match your ambition, and that you can rely on the technology to enable, not limit your artistic vision.”

The Samsung NX1 supports both Cinema 4K and Ultra-HD (UHD) video recording. Its built-in HEVC Codec (H.265) allows users to compress and store video clips without compromising quality, and its advanced Auto Focus System III with 205 Phase Detection AF points covers nearly the entire imaging area.

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