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Vitec Videocom Adds Specialized Cameras to Camera Corps Offering


The Halibut Underwater HD tracking camera.
The Halibut Underwater HD tracking camera.
Vitec Videocom will incorporate cameras from SIS Live Special Cameras (formerly BBC Special Cameras) into its Camera Corps business. The product line will include a range of specialized cameras designed to take the viewer straight into the heart of the action in live sporting and high profile events.

“There is great synergy with Camera Corps, who most recently supplied its cameras to the Winter Games. This is a fantastic opportunity to deliver innovative and unique solutions to our customers that give audiences views they’ve never seen, or even dreamt of, before,” said Matt Danilowicz, Vitec Videocom CEO. “We can now capture amazing images anywhere – from the mast of a yacht, to the underside of a bobsled, to the stump of a cricket match.”

LR-AmericasCup01Special Cameras’ portfolio includes the Stump Cam used on cricket pitches all over the world, and on-board cameras in high-profile events such as the America’s Cup yachting and Isle of Mann TT racing. Also in the portfolio are the Plunge Cam, which adds a new dimension to diving as it follows high board divers into the pool and underwater, and the Halibut Underwater HD tracking camera.

SIS Live Special Cameras also made the exclusive camera mounting systems used for state events inside such iconic British landmarks as St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Kings College London and St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

“We are pleased to welcome key staff from SIS Live Special Cameras into The Camera Corps family, including special projects manager Paul McNeil and commercial bid manager Barry Parker who will join the U.K. Camera Corps team in Byfleet,” Danilowicz added.

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