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Hear Two Tracks From Jerskin Fendrix’s Poor Things Score



Based on all the early reviews, composer Jerskin Fendrix is a force to be reckoned with in Yorgos Lanthimos‘ upcoming film, Poor Things. For the already acclaimed score, Fendrix relied on a palette of woodwind instruments and synthesized and breathy vocals. To get a sample of what’s in store for audiences, Milan Records has released two tracks from the film, “Bella” and “Lisbon.”

Of the two tracks, Fendrix said, “‘Bella’ and ‘Lisbon’ evoke Bella’s early, seminal experiences – from her initial naivety and childlike love, to her first forays into the outside world. As Bella’s feelings become deeper and more complex, so the music takes on new colours and textures. Like her, it can be shocked, overwhelmed or throw up.”

Poor Things marks the first collaboration between Fendrix and Lanthimos, known for deeply original films such as The Lobster and The Favourite. Not only that, the film is the musician’s first film score. The filmmaker enlisted Fendrix based on his solo album, “Winterreise.”

For the unique film, a similarly brazen musical approach was acquired to build the world of Poor Things. “I wanted to have a lot of instruments that involved air and mechanics to match this kind of bizarre bionic thing going on,” Fendrix added in his statement. “So a lot of woodwind. I really like instruments that breathe for themselves – which seems apt for the biomechanics of the film – so pipe organs, uilleann pipes (which are like Irish bagpipes), a lot of synthesized breath and voice stuff. That was a big part of the textural aspect.”

Milan Records will release the Poor Things soundtrack on December 8.

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