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MPTF Organizes Home Safety Renovations for an Industry Member in Need


Over 60 volunteers came together to help an IATSE member in need.
The Motion Picture & Televisions Fund (MPTF) organized a work party on Saturday to help perform extensive home safety modifications and renovations for IATSE Local 729 member Jose Perez and his wife Nury Perez.

Over 60 entertainment industry volunteers came out, including Bob Beitcher, president and CEO of MPTF; Hawk Koch, president of AMPAS; Ken Scherer, CEO of MPTF Foundation; Ric Robertson, COO of AMPAS, and Kevin McCormick, producer, Gangster Squad.

From left: Bob Beitcher, Kevin McCormick and Hawk Koch.
Perez turned to the MPTF Home Safe Home program for assistance when it became apparent that he and his wife needed extensive renovations and modifications in order to continue to safely remain in their home. The MPTF put out a call-to-action and was, “overwhelmed by the response from the entertainment community.”

Nury and Jose Perez
Having escaped Cuba for the U.S. in 1971, Jose and his family moved to Burbank in 1984, where he joined Local 729 as a sign painter and subsequently worked at many studios. In 1989, Jose and Nury moved into their current home in Burbank and he worked full time at Disney Studios, where he stayed until retirement in 2004.

For over 90 years, MPTF has served entertainment industry members in their time of need. As a charitable organization, the MPTF provides financial assistance and services essential to the well being of the community, and develops services and programs for seniors and those who care for them. MPTF is supported by the generosity of corporate donors and fellow entertainment industry members who contribute their time and money.

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