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2C Media Helps The Weather Channel Launch Hurricane Week


LR-untitled copyThe Weather Channel recently collaborated with Miami-based 2C Media on a pair of promos for the network’s “Hurricane Week,” which kicked off Monday. Each of the spots begins with a scene familiar to U.S. television viewers and quickly transforms it to reveal the deadly, destructive force of a hurricane. The spots combine live action, stock footage and visual effects.

Making a play on the whole Sharknado craze, writer/producer David Gold decided to pit a shark against a hurricane in a playful spot to see which would really emerge as nature’s deadliest force. Stock film footage and digital effects send a great white shark flailing amid a volatile sea, its prey let loose as the hurricane defeats the shark.

The second “Hurricane Week” promo, conceived by The Weather Channel’s Stephen Clark, plays off Corona’s popular ads that depict a couple sitting on a pristine beach where the only sound is the surf caressing the shore.

In the promo spot, the unlucky couple has to scamper off to avoid a hurricane coming in fast. Shot on a real South Florida beach, this spot incorporated 2C’s graphics work to transform an ordinary “beach day” live-action scene into a nightmare.

“When 2C initially pitched the Shark-icane concept about a great white versus a hurricane, I was all in,” said The Weather Channel creative director Mark Fredo. “Cool idea, killer execution… a smart way to have a little fun with a serious topic, and still evoke the awe and fascination we all have with these storms.”

2C Media has previously collaborated with The Weather Channel on campaign spots for such series as Hurricane Hunters, Deadliest Space Weather, Coast Guard Florida and Coast Guard Alaska.

“The Weather Channel is a phenomenal partner, allowing us the creative freedom to have a lot of fun with these spots while still conveying the serious threat posed by hurricanes in the United States every year,” said 2C Media president and executive creative director Chris Sloan.

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