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3ality Digital Acquires Element Technica


Element Technica's Quasar stereo camera rig at the World Cup.
3ality Digital announced that it has acquired Element Technica – a company known for its motorized stereoscopic 3D camera rigs and other camera accessories. The combined entity – 3ality Technica – will be based at 3ality’s Burbank headquarters.

The acquisition gives the company an in-house manufacturing and design capability, and the opportunity to further expand its R&D infrastructure.

“The complete compatibility and lack of redundancy between the companies has made this an ideal acquisition, strengthening the company’s position to provide the most advanced and dependable stereo 3D solutions to the market,” said Steve Schklair, CEO of 3ality Technica. “Perhaps the greatest benefit of this acquisition will be to the motion picture and broadcast producers who will now have an unprecedented choice of tools and technology tailored to meet their specific needs.”

Many of Hollywood’s major theatrical releases have been shot with the two companies’ systems and technologies, including Jack the Giant Killer, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Prometheus, Underworld 4, Oz and The Great Gatsby. In addition, broadcasters like BskyB have based their live stereo 3D broadcasts on Element Technica and 3ality technologies.

“Integration will fast-forward as the merging systems require fewer and fewer ancillary components,” said Stephen Pizzo, senior vice president of 3ality Technica. “Compatibility with other industry systems will cease to be an issue as 3ality Technica already leads the way in seamless connectivity from postproduction, to VFX and live broadcast.”

“Not only will automation become more common, it will be the standard as the industry begins to enjoy the simplicity and speed it affords,” added Hector Ortega, senior vice president of 3ality Technica.

The company’s combined expertise ranges from Hollywood feature films and television shows to live-broadcast sporting events and concert performances. It also positions the company to offer an advanced 3D educational program (3DIQ) to filmmakers, broadcasters and craftspeople.

Element Technica is also known for its line of camera accessories, and the company plans to continue these product lines under the existing Element Technica banner.

“We have already integrated some of the best aspects of both companies’ product offerings, so the market will see an immediate improvement in tool sets, component integration and customer service,” said Schklair.

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