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AlphaDogs Colorist Sean Stack Gives State of Bacon a Final Grade


LR-baconfansIn the feature-length reality-style mockumentary State Of Bacon, filmmaker Jason Cook takes audiences inside the fun and wacky Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival that brings out some of the most bacon-crazed Americans you will ever meet. Held annually in Des Moines, IA, the festival has doubled in size every year with tickets selling out in just minutes.

Having worked with AlphaDogs colorist Sean Stack on previous projects, Cook once again called upon Stack’s collaboration in the realm of color correction. State Of Bacon was shot entirely on location using seven different camera models. While multi-camera shoots are a great way to capture footage from different angles, color imbalances within the picture can be problematic. Uncontrolled lighting environments and distinctive color filter differences between cameras give the film an inconsistent look that can be noticeable to audiences.

LR-bacongroupAccustomed to working with mixed formats, Stack began the color grading process by carefully matching the color and contrast from the variety of source footage before setting the look desired by the filmmaker. “For a project like State Of Bacon, color plays such a huge role in smoothing out the textures and helps to tell the story,” said Cook.

Stack created a unique style for specific segments within the story including one scene that required a dreamy and youthful romantic feel, while another demanded a gritty look with high contrast and color saturation. Regarding this, Stack said, “It makes for a fun collage of colors and flavors. I felt like it really blended with the humor and silliness that goes along with an event such as a bacon festival.”

StateofBaconposterStack has worked on over ten feature-film documentaries in the past year alone, using color grading to enhance the feel and tone of each story. “I was very happy with the final delivery,” said Cook. “I’ve worked with Sean before and have always been very happy with what he is able to accomplish.”

State Of Bacon is written, produced and directed by Cook, founder of Digital Cuvee. It will be released in dinner theaters across the U.S. later this year.

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