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ARRI Releases Software Update Packet 9.1 and ARRIRAW Converter 3.0


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ARRI announced the release of ALEXA Software Update Packet (SUP) 9.1 and the ARRIRAW Converter (ARC) 3.0. The ARC is ARRI´s free reference tool for processing ARRIRAW files in the optimal quality. A new feature includes the ability to uprez to 4K or UHD-1. For ALEXA XT and ALEXA Classic cameras with the XR Module Upgrade, SUP 9.1 increases the camera’s DNxHD 444 recording capabilities and provides a better user experience.

The introduction of SUP 9.0 in 2013 brought new features like CFast 2.0 card support, ProRes 4444 at 120 fps, DNxHD 444 and ProRes pre-recording to thousands of ALEXAs. SUP 9.1 brings high speed frame rates for DNxHD of up to 96 fps to ALEXA XT cameras and to ALEXA Classic cameras that have been upgraded with the XR Module. In addition, SUP 9.1 contains a number of refinements and bug fixes for all ALEXA cameras.

ARRIRAW is an uncompressed file format popular for feature films and commercials. ARC 3.0 is the most current reference tool to show the highest quality debayer for ALEXA ARRIRAW files. ARC 3.0 includes support for ALEXA XT Open Gate sensor mode, support for the ALEXA Black-and-White camera (available through the ARRI Rental Group and ARRI Rental Partners), up-rez capability to 4K or UHD-1 and support for user pixel mask.

The ARC is also available as command line tool (CMD) for integration into processing pipelines in postproduction and visual effects studios. Both ARC and CMD are free of charge and available through ARRI’s website. Both are based on the ARRIRAW SDK, a software toolkit which is used in several postproduction tools from members of the ARRI Partner program, such as Flame/Lustre from Autodesk, Pablo from Quantel, OSD from Colorfront, Digital Vision Nucoda, Adobe Premiere CC, The Foundry Nuke and Hiero, Eyeon Fusion and Assimilate Scratch.

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