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Avid Adds New EUCON Media Workflow Partners


Avid Artist Color
Avid announced that FilmLight and Colorfront have joined the EUCON ecosystem of supported media applications, providing customers with more creative options in their audio and video workflows. EUCON, (Extended User Control), is a high-speed open control protocol that has been adopted by many of the world’s leading software developers, delivering highly responsive control panels for a range of different audio and video applications. The protocol was developed by Euphonix, which was acquired by Avid last year.

FilmLight’s Baselight and Colorfront’s On-Set Dailies now offer native support for the EUCON protocol – enabling content creators to use Avid’s Artist Series controllers to take deep, hands-on control over these applications using the Artist Color control panel. At NAB earlier this year, Assimilate, Blackmagic Design, Image Systems and Pomfort announced their support for EUCON. Companies like Apple, Autodesk and RED also support the protocol.

“Today’s announcement demonstrates the accelerated adoption of EUCON across the industry and the steady progress we are making in developing an open ecosystem of third-party workflows based around the protocol,” said Chris Gahagan, senior vice president of products at Avid. “More than 10 of the world’s leading developers have adopted and integrated EUCON into their solutions since Avid’s acquisition of Euphonix in 2010, and we remain focused on becoming more open and driving interoperability of our audio and video solutions.”

EUCON is Avid’s open, high-speed Ethernet control protocol that allows Artist Series and other EUCON-enabled Avid control surfaces and consoles to connect to a variety of third-party creative audio and video systems. EUCON integration offers customers comprehensive tactile control over multiple applications and workstations, and is supported by a wide cross section of Macintosh- and Windows-based applications.

Designed to appeal to audio engineers, video editors, and colorists looking for increased tactile control of their projects, Artist Series controllers feature high-quality faders, displays, encoders, trackballs and programmable keys that provide users with tightly connected command over almost all software functions via the open EUCON protocol.

“Artist Color and Artist Transport have high level acceptance with industry creatives so it was a logical move for us to use this combination to create a new entry-level price point for our Baselight ONE grading system and also enhance the user experience for creatives using Baselight plug-ins within their editing and VFX systems,” says Mark Burton, FilmLight head of marketing. “The EUCON implementation is the latest in a long line of successful Baselight/Avid integration projects that we have worked on over the years and we look forward to continuing this close working relationship.”

“We are excited to add support for the Avid Artist Color and Transport panels for both the PC and Mac versions of Colorfront On-Set Dailies and our new On-Set Live! Software,” said Mark Jaszberenyi, Colorfront founder and CEO. “On-Set Dailies has achieved phenomenal adoption by major postproduction facilities, labs and studios who appreciate the robust feature set and the ability to render multiple deliverables including Avid DNxHD MXF editorial media at faster than real-time speeds.”

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