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Blackmagic Design Announces ATEM Switcher Update 6.1


LR-atemsoftwareinterface-emailLR-atemsoftwareinterfaceBlackmagic Design announced the release of a software update (version 6.1) for its ATEM Switcher, which includes new features for camera control such as copying of color settings across cameras, white balance display and synchronized fading of audio and video using fade to black. ATEM Switcher Update 6.1 is available for download free of charge for existing customers from the Blackmagic Design website.

The ATEM range of live production switchers include full camera control when used with the new Blackmagic Studio Camera or Blackmagic Studio Camera 4K models. These cameras are fully controlled via the SDI or optical fiber output connection that links the output of the ATEM switcher to the camera. Normally this connection allows camera operators to see program video from the switcher, but with the ATEM open standard SDI protocol, full camera control, tally and talkback is also included in the same link.

Customers have used the lens control and built-in color correction features to make live video production easier and more creative. The new ATEM Switcher Update 6.1 software includes a new copy-and-paste function which allows color correction settings to be copied across camera controllers, either individually or to all cameras without affecting iris, focus, coarse and pedestal settings. Now camera color correction settings can be quickly and easily copied for a consistent and unified color look.

An adjustable display of white balance temperature has also been added to camera control, giving greater control over the color temperature of the camera and making it easy to ensure they are all matched for consistent program output. This new feature is conveniently located next to the shutter and gain control. Customers can also now fade audio and video together using audio follow video (AFV) and selecting Fade to Black button, making it easy for a single user to switch from a program, to end a recording or move to a commercial break.

“The response to Camera Control in the ATEM switcher software panel has been amazing, people have really been able to take advantage of directly controlling camera color using the ATEM switcher software,” said Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic Design. “Customers have given us some great suggestions so we have prioritized these and are continuously releasing updates with these exciting new features. Copy and paste for camera control set up as well as white balance temperature adjustment make it incredibly quick and easy for our customers to set up multiple cameras for live production and achieve amazing image consistency.”

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