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Butcher Editorial Part of TV and Advertising Team Behind Daybreak 2012


The intense web series Daybreak 2012 harnesses synergy between technology, advertising and entertainment.

Thursday marks the final chapter in the riveting web series Daybreak 2012. Presented by AT&T, the innovative experience was created by BBDO and Tim Kring (Heroes, Touch, Conspiracy for Good), and brought to life by a creative team that includes RSA and Butcher editorial.

The project is an expression of brand-integrated entertainment, involving a combination of episodic content, technology, advertising and online and app-based engagement. The action-packed series, directed by Jon Cassar (24), involves a global conspiracy where technology and a dodecahedron symbol are keys to unlocking humanity’s future.

“As models change, there are compelling opportunities for brands in the entertainment space,” said BBDO creative director, David Carter, whose work with Butcher co-founders David Henegar and Rob Van goes back to the groundbreaking BMW Films campaign. “However, given the massive competition for eyeballs in all media, brand elements need to be seamlessly integrated with narrative to really engage viewers. I’m really proud of what we created with Daybreak 2012.”

BBDO New York developed the concept for AT&T and then teamed with Kring and Cassar for the online series. BBDO then tapped Butcher editorial as a partner in the edit and post process, based on previous collaborations with the agency on complex, groundbreaking brand engagements for clients including HBO. Under the direction of partners Henegar and Van, Butcher oversaw creative editorial and post on the five-part series, working hand-in-hand with the television and advertising based content partners. Henegar and freelance television editor Ray Daniels were lead editors who harnessed their experience in television and advertising to shape the episodic thriller. The project involved the entire Butcher team in a six-week collaboration that included final finish. In addition to the offline, Butcher’s Smoke artist Zac Dych finished over 50 minutes of content that included VFX, final conform, and all the online deliverables to the various media outlets.

The episodic series is featured on the Daybreak 2012 website, which encourages visitors to explore the technology featured in the story, enter to win an HTC One X, and further explore the interactive story by downloading a custom Jack Boxer game app.

“BBDO NY is about innovation on the highest level, with a willingness to push boundaries with inspired ideas,” said Butcher’s Dave Henegar. “To depart from the :30 spot, tell a complete story and be entertained while still in the brand space – that’s all part of Daybreak 2012. Being a part of the process has been creatively rewarding and exciting to everyone at Butcher.”

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