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BWM Uses Frankie Video Review to Produce Animated Bank Commercials


Rob Belgiovane
Rob Belgiovane
Sydney-based ad agency BWM recently relied on Cospective’s Frankie interactive video review and approval technology to create a series of dynamic TV commercials for the Bank of Queensland (BOQ). BWM was able to go over the animated content with clients in Brisbane and the animation house in London using Frankie’s browser-based software.

The BWM creative team developed concepts for animation-based spots specifically aimed at movie theater audiences. The goal was to capture the local, independent and friendly nature of the bank. Built around the tagline, “It’s possible to love a bank,” BWM produced four animated commercials for the campaign.

“Once we hit on, ‘It’s possible to love a bank,’ the executions just came flooding out, which is always a great sign of a really workable long-term ad concept,” said Rob Belgiovane, executive creative director at BWM. “The key to a great campaign is a great idea.

Abby Hunt, national head of onscreen at BWM, awarded the job to Birdbox Studio in London. “We chose Birdbox because they gave us the best treatment and ideas to improve the script,” said Hunt. “And they really delivered.”

Once the project was green lit, the producers at BWM ran the job and used Frankie to review work in progress simultaneously with both the clients in Brisbane and the animators in London. Hunt said they found the tool that was most beneficial for detailed and speedy client feedback. Before each review, she sent a URL to her clients who simply had to click on the link to open and play the latest video instantly while the creative team took them through changes via telephone.

“Frankie helped us bring together very busy people from across the state and globe, to work as if we were all in the same room,” said Hunt. “We can circle the tiniest detail on a frame to highlight what we are referring to. This saved us so much time with back-and-forth communication while still diving deep into the creative conversation.”

All five participants could discuss aspects of the commercial on a frame-by-frame basis, using drawing tools to draw right on the screen or by writing notes for all five participants to see simultaneously.

“We find when something resonates with the target audience, as these commercials do with Australians, it is quite satisfying,” Hunt said. “But, our producers also had to look after technical and budgetary challenges so it was beneficial to have the interactive element during the video reviews. Frankie allows our clients to be an active part of the review process just as if they were there in person. We used to have face-to-face meetings by flying to Brisbane or flying our clients to Sydney. Using Frankie for remote video review saves us a lot of time and money.”

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