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Cinematographers to Discuss Workflows at FotoKem’s Cine Gear Panel


At 4:15 p.m., May 31 at Cine Gear Expo in Screening Room #5, cinematographers John Bailey, ASC (The Way, Way Back) and Peter Levy, ASC, ACS (House of Lies) will discuss their approaches to image creation and control from production through post. The conversation will be moderated by Creative COW editor Debra Kaufman.

Bailey’s credits include such memorable films as American Gigolo, Ordinary People, The Big Chill, Mishima, The Accidental Tourist, Groundhog Day, In The Line of Fire and As Good As It Gets.

Bailey’s most recent project The Way, Way Back hits theaters in July. He explained that he shot The Way, Way Back guerilla style, and collaborated with FotoKem colorist Kostas Theodosiou during the digital intermediate.

Levy recently finished shooting season 2 of Showtime’s House of Lies. The show, which was shot on ARRI Alexa, was ingested into FotoKem’s nextLAB system and then piped to FotoKem’s Keep Me Posted for final color by Keith Shaw.

Levy’s credits include the TV hits Californication, 24, and Without a Trace, and feature films including Predator 2, Broken Arrow, Lost in Space and Lonely Hearts.

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