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Cintel Introduces Film2Film Image Restoration Systems


Cintel International introduced a range of three Film2Film 2K/4K image restoration packages for film archives and restoration companies at IBC.

The ‘film in’ part of each workflow is the diTTo evolution 2K/4K film scanner from Cintel which has unique optical dust and scratch concealment tools as well as pin registration and non-pin capabilities. The ‘film out’ function is provided by CCG’s DEFINITYHD film recorder. Between these processes, each Film2Film package includes Cintel’s imageMill2 real-time 2K restoration system, including GRACE film grain and image noise management, STEADY image stabilization and ORIGIN dust and scratch reduction, plus individual selections of storage, monitoring and color correction tools suited to different tasks and requirements.

Film2Film300 is the basic package which includes the new COLOURFLOW color correction and timeline management tool for imageMill2 plus 18Tbytes of storage.

The Film2Film400 package takes the contents of the 300 package and adds the sophistication and power of RAIN color correction from Marquise Technologies, a fibre-channel network including a total of 24Tbytes RAID storage and full HD monitoring.

The top-of-the-range package, Film2Film450, includes everything in the 400 package plus DIAMANT from HS-ART, which provides more manual and automatic image restoration tools, and a total of 40Tb RAID storage.

“There is a growing need worldwide to restore old and degraded film, and the Film2Film workflow system solutions provide all the equipment from one supplier to do this at an extremely competitive turnkey package price,” said Simon Clark, business development manager, Cintel.

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