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Codex Introduces Codex Backbone and Production Server at Siggraph


LR-Codex Logo-emailCodex announced an expansion of its product range with the Codex Production Server and Backbone. The Codex Backbone is a hybrid system that allows productions to take advantage of local appliances – the Codex Production Server – along with hardware distributed in the cloud. Based on the technology of the Codex Vault, the Codex Production Server is designed as a repository for all digital files and metadata generated during principal photography.

Codex sought input from key players in the visual effects industry, including visual effects producer Ron Ames, during the initial development. “I am very excited to see the new tools coming from Codex,” said Ames. “It makes perfect sense from capture to archive with Codex systems. The new digital asset management system will extend the Codex presence from on set through post. Continuing the information flow in one unified system is the innovation I have been waiting for.”

By using the Codex Production Server in tandem with the Codex Backbone, projects can be run in remote locations but can be linked to production, VFX vendors and postproduction so that critical information is immediately available to those who need it. For example, a VFX vendor can quickly access a QuickTime file of a shot and submit a bid to the producer, all managed through the secure infrastructure of the Codex Cloud.

Codex worked with Shotgun Software during the development of Backbone and Production Server to ensure that the Codex Production Server can host Shotgun Server and can serve as the delivery mechanism for VFX plate pulls and transcodes, as well as managing the creation of bid packages and the submission of shots. This means that VFX management and vendors are completely tied in with production from pre-production through to finishing and archiving.

“As the phases of production converge, our clients are asking us to move upstream to help organize and capture metadata from the shoot,” explained Don Parker, CEO of Shotgun Software. “We are excited to be collaborating with Codex who are completely awesome on set. Bringing our technology together will provide our clients with major efficiency and speed boosts that save time and money.”

“No matter what the budget, the transition from film to digital production provides enormous opportunities for automating and putting control of all of the digital data and metadata in the hands of production where it can be accessed and utilized easily and quickly,” said Codex managing director Marc Dando.

Codex is demonstrating Codex Backbone on Shotgun Software’s booth at Siggraph, Hall C, Booth 737.

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