Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Cogswell College Students of Star Thief Studio Create Drawn Home


Drawn Home
Drawn Home
Cogswell College announced that senior class students participating in the school’s “Star Thief Studio” project have created and produced an original short animated film and interactive iPad book app.

Drawn Home, the animated film/interactive book app is a charming, transformation story about a six-year-old boy who feels he’s lost his mother’s love. The boy runs away from home, getting lost in the forest, only to find that when he returns home, his mother’s love was there for him all along.

Star Thief Studio is one of several on-campus project-based learning studios offered by Cogswell College. These studios mirror professional production studios and allow students to collaborate with their peers – whether they are artists, animators, technical artists, engineers and/or sound designers – to create outstanding projects on a large scale.

Star Thief Studio is guided by Cogswell College faculty with industry experience, and student work is regularly critiqued by industry professionals. Participants are focused on creating engaging story-driven content in the form of animated shorts and interactive stories.

Development artists at Star Thief Studio work in a dedicated studio space and use everything from pencil, paint and clay to Maya, Zbrush, Mudbox, Photoshop, Renderman and Fusion. Much of the digital painting and sculpting for these projects is done on Cintiqs. Star Thief Studio engineers use tools like X Code and Flash Professional, writing code in Objective C, C++ Maya API, Action Script, Mel Script and Python.

Star Thief Studio offers students the opportunity to play an important role within a major project that will deliver a great experience, film credit and professional quality content for their demo reels. The large group, project-based environment of Star Thief Studio gives students the opportunity to develop and exercise the skills they will need to work effectively with a team over an extended period of time after graduation.

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