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Cogswell College to Relocate to San Jose


Cogswell College is relocating to 191 Baypointe Parkway, San Jose, Calif., 95134.
Cogswell College is relocating to 191 Baypointe Parkway, San Jose, Calif., 95134.

Cogswell College, a 600-student educational institution offering a unique curriculum fusing digital art, engineering and entrepreneurship, announced that over the summer it will relocate its campus from Sunnyvale, Calif., where it has been since 1993, to a new site in San Jose.

“I am pleased to announce that the Cogswell board of trustees has voted to approve our new location in San Jose,” said Deborah Snyder, president and chief academic officer, Cogswell. “We have secured a Use Permit to operate as a school from the City of San Jose, and we are very grateful to Mayor Sam Liccardo and his staff for welcoming us into their city with open arms. Our plans to relocate took us a bit longer than we expected, but all’s well that ends well. Our San Jose base will be our new home for some time to come.”

The new San Jose site is the college’s sixth campus since the school’s inception in 1887. “We’ve been rolling down the peninsula for 128 years,” said Snyder. “We were in three different buildings in San Francisco from 1887 until 1985, at which point we moved to Cupertino. We then relocated to Sunnyvale and have been here since 1993.”

Among the benefits of Cogswell’s new campus location is that the school will now be situated much closer to multiple public transportation options, right down the street from the new Levi’s Stadium and amidst such top tech companies as Cisco, Microchip, Ericsson, Samsung and Maxim.

Cogswell College plans to hold orientation at its new location on Sept. 4. The school’s fall semester is slated to begin Sept. 8.

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