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Colorist Jeff Altman Joins Filmworkers


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Jeff Altman
Jeff Altman
Filmworkers has boosted its creative staff with the addition of colorist Jeff Altman. A Chicago native,  Altman spent the past two years in New York, working on advertising, digital content and feature film projects. On the commercial side, he’s done work for Pepsi, Capital One, Verizon, Intel and Mountain Dew. His long-form credits include the independent features 6 Years from director Hannah Fidell, slated to premiere at this year’s South by Southwest Film Festival, and Nasty Baby from Chilean director Sebastian Silva, which debuted last year at Sundance.

“Jeff is a star,” said Filmworkers president Reid Brody. “He’s had an opportunity to work on some great projects, and he’s really honed his craft. He brings a fresh perspective and energy to color grading that has been lacking in the Chicago post community. We’re glad to have him as a part of our team.”

In his first project with Filmworkers, Altman is grading a web campaign for Four Loko with creative from Onion Labs.

For the past 18 months, Altman has been coloring projects through Color Collective, a boutique service that provides color grading services through New York editorial houses including Spotwelders and Final Cut. He performed final color grading for five feature films, several shorts and numerous commercials. He also colored segments for Saturday Night Live.

Altman says he looks forward to continuing to work on a mix of projects at Filmworkers. “I want to go deeper into commercials, while continuing to work on features and documentaries,” he said. “My goal is to achieve a balance of great projects.”

A graduate of Columbia College, Altman began his career with Filmworkers in 2008, training under Michael Mazur before moving to New York to take a colorist position with Color Collective.

“I’m interested in what makes a great image and the impact of color correction,” Altman said. “As a colorist, I influence the tone of the project and manipulate images to evoke a feeling.”

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