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Colorworks Helps Develop F65 Workflows


Colorworks, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s digital intermediate facility, is currently working with several service providers to offer efficient 4K workflow support for Sony’s new F65 CineAlta digital motion picture camera.

Color management and color grading developer FilmLight, camera supplier Otto Nemenz, production services company The Creative-Cartel, and postproduction services provider Technicolor are involved in the effort, whose aim is to support productions using the F65 “from the sensor to the screen.” The companies have developed a workflow based on the ACES format utilizing their complementary services and encompassing such processes as data recording and backup, on-set and near-set dailies processing, postproduction deliverables, and digital intermediate color grading and finishing.

The F65 workflow is being used in the latest film from the production company Overbrook Entertainment and Blinding Edge Pictures’ acclaimed director M. Night Shyamalan, After Earth, which shot in Costa Rica and is currently filming in Philadelphia. The workflow is dedicated to on-set recording of camera data and metadata, near-set dailies processing, and postproduction digital intermediate services. After Earth is the first theatrical motion picture to be captured with the F65.

“These companies are working together to support the F65 for the benefit of filmmakers,” said Charles Falcetti, Jr. executive vice president, production services, Sony Pictures Studios. “We believe the production of After Earth will serve as a blueprint for other productions adopting this great new camera.”

“FilmLight is very excited to take part in designing a workflow to support the F65,” said Wolfgang Lempp, founder and director, FilmLight. “Implementing a workflow for a new camera in the jungles of Costa Rica was quite a challenge and we are very pleased by how well it performed.”

“Technicolor has been working closely with Colorworks and the other companies developing and managing the digital pipeline for the new F65 camera,” said Technicolor president of creative services, Claude Gagnon. “The camera and workflow are producing stunning results, and we’re very proud to be associated with this effort.”

“The Creative-Cartel is thrilled to be providing the Near-Set Lab services on After Earth and to be working with a group of talented companies to establish a flawless, efficient workflow for Sony’s F65 camera and the filmmakers who use it,” added Jenny Fulle, founder of The Creative-Cartel.

Colorworks has been developing F65 workflows for more than a year. It provided dailies processing and color grading services for The Arrival, a short film produced to showcase the F65 at NAB last April. Colorworks has also been involved in an ongoing F65 training program for directors, cinematographers and producers, on the Sony Pictures Studios lot.

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