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Cooke Optics, Codex and The Pixel Farm present /i Squared Technology


The Codex Data Logger.
The Codex Data Logger.
At IBC 2013, Cooke Optics will introduce its new /i Squared Technology system, which expands the capabilities of the original /i technology developed by Cooke to record key lens data for postproduction work and real-time display.

The /i Squared system will include all the existing /i Technology commands as well as new functions to enhance the data’s usefulness to postproduction and VFX teams.

The new functions provide inertial tracking data in addition to the lens metadata, which can be used by applications such as matchmoving and 3D camera tracking. The inertial tracking and lens data will help VFX teams deal with common issues like occlusions, motion blur and other known challenges associated with fast-paced camera motions. Inertial tracking will convert the inertial and lens data from Cooke lenses into common 3D camera formats that can be used across the multitude of compositing and 3D animation packages and provide this refined inertial data to The Pixel Farm’s PFTrack system for better camera tracking.

Cooke has also teamed with Codex to help make the /i Squared Technology viable in digital postproduction pipelines. The Codex Data Logger One is a single-channel serial data recorder that can capture /i Squared metadata, including the new inertial data, as well as focus distance, depth of field, focal zoom position and iris settings.

The new /i Squared Technology system will be backward compatible with Cooke’s current /i Technology software. An inexpensive upgrade will be available for existing Cooke /i lenses. Cooke lenses with the new /i Squared Technology will be available in 2014.

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