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Createasphere to Intro New Digital Process Workflow Lab


Createasphere and its partners will unveil its new Digital Process Workflow (DPW) Lab at the fall edition of the Entertainment Technology Expo at the Burbank Marriott, Nov. 7-8.

The DPW Lab will be a curated, walk-through demonstration of the digital ecosystem and workflow that defines how content is created, distributed and archived today and in the near future. Premier partners include DELL, ARRI, Technicolor, Adobe, 5th Kind, FilmLight, Signiant, Levels Beyond, Quantum, Codex and American Cinema Editors, along with other partners and associations at the forefront of innovation in the crucial stages of the digital workflow.

At the DPW Lab, representatives from participating partner companies and associations will guide attendees through each step of the digital workflow.

“We’ve created a pavilion of authorities who are redefining the digital workflow from capture through post to archive, exhibition and home and mobile distribution,” said Brian Randall, group vice president of Createasphere. “This will provide our audience with a clear understanding of the systems. The DPW Lab will take each attendee through the new digital process with a walking map, detailed information and hands-on demonstrations. Industry professionals will walk away inspired by new ideas and a greater understanding of the management, transformation and monetization of content.”

“Experimentation and innovation continually drive this industry to new levels, but understanding all the touch points that affect how content is created, changed, managed and distributed becomes more and more complex and expensive,” Randall added. “This event will help attendees make some concrete decisions and get a better understanding of where we are as a creative and technical community today…and where we are going.”

For more information, visit http://www.createasphere.com/dpwlab.

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