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Damien Carroll Promoted to Sohonet Board as COO


Recently-appointed Sohonet COO, Damien Carroll.

Sohonet has appointed Damien Carroll to its executive board as chief operating officer.

Carroll recently oversaw the launch of a new portal application, the Sohonet Hub, which makes it easier for global members of the Sohonet Media Network community to find, communicate and share information and digital content with other members quickly and effectively.

“In his first year at Sohonet, Damien has helped us clearly define our value propositions for next-generation technology solutions and significantly enhanced the value of our core asset, the Sohonet Media Network (SMN), with the recent launch of the Sohonet Hub,” said Sohonet CEO Dave Scammell. “We are delighted that Damien joins our board as chief operating officer to continue to optimize the experience of our community members and help us take full advantage of increasing demand for our solutions and services moving forward.”

The Sohonet Hub was initially launched as an address book and contacts application to enable Sohonet members to network more effectively within the community. The application will be developed further to ensure an optimum customer experience to new and existing clients. This will include a Sohonet branded file delivery application, a portal to Sohonet’s storage and render offerings, graphs and metrics on bandwidth usage and performance and access to Sohonet’s ticketing system.

“Our SMN community boasts many key players in the international film and broadcast industry and has an enviable reputation as the world’s largest, dedicated media network,” Carroll said. ”Many of our customers prefer to do business with other Sohonet network members because they know that any digital data they send or receive will be delivered securely and quickly across our dedicated global media network. The Sohonet Hub has been developed as a result of extensive feedback from customers looking for an easier way to connect and do business with other community members, and it will continue to play an important part of Sohonet’s service offering as further enhancements are rolled out over the coming months.”

Carroll will manage Sohonet’s sales and operations, and will oversee the development of other new systems and services, alongside the evolution of the Sohonet Hub.

Sohonet continues to expand internationally, with new connections in Vancouver, Bulgaria, Barcelona and Amsterdam.

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