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Dashwood Expands the Stereo3D CAT Product Line


Dashwood Cinema Solutions is now offering a free version of its Stereo3D CAT system.
Dashwood Cinema Solutions, developer of stereoscopic software for the Mac, announced the immediate availability of price-reduced and free versions of its Stereo3D CAT stereoscopic calibration and analysis software.

“We are very excited to bring elements of this professional tool to the masses at absolutely no charge,” said Tim Dashwood, founder of Dashwood Cinema Solutions. “The full version of Stereo3D CAT has been used on major Hollywood and IMAX 3D projects with amazing results and now a free subset of those same features are available to anyone with a Mac, a compatible capture device and an HDMI1.4a 3D camera. Customers will experience a dramatic improvement in the quality of their 3D work, and I think it will also become a valuable training tool for budding stereographers.”

The free version of Stereo3D CAT includes the same parallax line guides, left/right solo, anaglyph, split displays, QuickTime playback and Stereo3D Visualizer as the full version; however, it limits resolutions to HD and screen sizes to 3DTV or mobile devices.

Depth analysis, side-by-side, line-by-line, checkerboard, superimpose, difference, Parallax Inspector, Alignment Tracker, 3D waveform/vectorscope, variable interaxials, are features only offered with the personal license.

Geometry correction, metadata logging, IMAX screen sizes, external output and phone tech support are features only included with a full license of Stereo3D CAT.

At NAB, Dashwood will be showcasing its entire new product line in booth C9510, including brand new features in its Stereo3D Toolbox plugin for After Effects, Motion and Final Cut Pro.

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