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Deluxe Places All Motion Picture Dailies Services Under EC3 Banner


Deluxe announced that it has merged the motion picture dailies operations of Company 3 and EFILM into a single business unit, EC3.

EC3 was created in 2011 to provide on-location dailies services and has been a key presence during production of many top-tier productions, such as Skyfall, Lone Survivor and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Now, all dailies work – on-location and in-facility – will be offered via EC3, based in Hollywood.

“This move signals the rapidly changing way movies are being made,” said Stefan Sonnenfeld, president of Company 3 and Deluxe Creative Services. “The options available for fine-tuning the look and the workflow of dailies are changing all the time as the line between what is considered production or post disappears.”

EC3 also will oversee all clients’ needs regarding preview screening, including conforming, editorial and color grading for projects finishing at Company 3 and EFILM.

“This move allows us at EC3 to maximize efficiency and service,” said Marc Ross, production manager at EC3. “We have leveraged the best technology and expertise from Company 3 and EFILM, and now are ready to operate as a stand-alone entity.”

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