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Deluxe Selected by LG Electronics to Prep Ultra-HD Content


Burbank-based Deluxe announced that it has been selected by LG Electronics to prepare and encode Ultra-HD (4K) content that will be pre-loaded on a hard drive device that will be included with select LG 4K Ultra-HD TVs.

Deluxe will provide a range of services necessary to ensure 4K content is delivered at the highest quality and optimal bitrate for bandwidth, transport and storage efficiencies. Content preparation will span sources from major Hollywood studios and local titles that have either been shot and mastered in 4K natively, or converted, restored and re-mastered from film or high definition.

Content will undergo rigorous testing and quality analysis of frame rates, bitrates, color gamut and software decoding to ensure that the playback experience is optimized on the target devices for streaming or download.

Deluxe is also providing the localization capabilities for LG Ultra-HD TVs launching in Asia, Europe and North America. This includes subtitles or captions, dubbing and audio operations.

“We’re pleased to be providing the end-to-end workflow for LG to deliver a superior 4K Ultra-HD experience that will scale as the market matures,” said Cyril Drabinsky, president and CEO of Deluxe Entertainment. “Deluxe has invested in the technologies and operational processes for the production of new transcoding/encoding formats such as 4K and HEVC to reduce the operational and capital investments and complexity that our customers will incur to advance 4K Ultra-HD in the marketplace.”

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