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Editor Scott Hanson Goes Into Therapy


Scott Hanson
Los Angeles-based post house Therapy has added editor Scott Hanson to its roster. Hanson comes to Therapy from Dallas-based N2O Editorial (now Lucky Post).

His work is known for strong, emotional storytelling, best showcased in projects for such top clients as The Salvation Army, Home Depot, ExxonMobil and Mayo Clinic. Other projects include traditional scripted, dialogue and music-driven work for clients including Casio, BMW, Blue Cross, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and MidFirst Bank.

His most recent work includes a new campaign for Casio‘s nearly indestructible G’zone smart phone, comedic holiday spots for Pier 1 Imports with The Richards Group and a Bob Giraldi-helmed piece for Great Call via Davis/Elin.

“All of our editors looked at Scott’s work and were struck by his amazing sensibility for simple, powerful and emotional storytelling,” said Therapy EP Joe DiSanto, “That kind of work was something we were looking for to round out our team. He is also a very cool guy – people will enjoy sitting in a room with him all day!”

“The chance to join Therapy Studios was a perfect opportunity,” said Hanson. “Not only are they a talented bunch working across industries from spots to longer formats to films, but also very industry savvy. I think they have a great take on how to move forward in the post industry, which is a business model that has had to do a lot of evolving in the last few years. I really like the proactive approach they are taking with their shop and I’m thrilled to be working with them.”

Houston-native Hanson completed a Master’s in Film at Boston University. Following graduation, he set his sights on the South and began his career working as an editor at Dallas-based charlieuniformtango for seven years, working on projects for top clients including Home Depot, BMW, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines and ExxonMobil for agencies including T.M., The Richards Group, GSD&M and Publicis. From there, he went on to serve as an editor at N2O Editorial where he worked on commercial post production for The Home Depot, The Salvation Army, The Mayo Clinic, MidFirst Bank, and HEB . While at N2O, he delved further into non-fiction work, working alongside the agencies on a great deal of story and creative collaboration. During this time, he also began donning multiple hats in filmmaking: co-writing, directing and editing the short narrative drama Parts through Arch Elms Films. The film screened at over 25 festivals in North America and Europe and won numerous awards.

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