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Empire State Development Introduces New Postproduction Internship Program


Empire State Development (ESD) introduced the New York State Postproduction Fellowship Program – a new initiative intended to increase the size and quality of New York’s postproduction talent pool. ESD is providing the Post New York Alliance (PNYA) with a grant of up to $50,000 to serve as matching funds for the new program, which will be administered by the PNYA with assistance from the Governor’s Office for Motion Picture and Television Development (MPTV).

“In recent years, New York State has become a top destination for postproduction and visual effects work, resulting in rapid business growth and job creation across the state,” said ESD president, CEO and commissioner Howard Zemsky. “This new fellowship program will ensure the industry continues to thrive by growing and strengthening the workforce as young, talented students gain a top-notch education from New York’s finest film and media professionals.”

“The Post New York Alliance is proud to be a part of such an important step in educating the future workforce of the postproduction industry,” said Yana Collins Lehman, president and COO, Post New York Alliance. “Governor Cuomo has overseen an unprecedented expansion of film and television production and postproduction, and the need for talent in postproduction companies all across New York State has skyrocketed. We are all impatient to find students whose passion for film and television we can form to fill these great jobs.”

The PNYA will launch the competitive apprenticeship program this summer, with ESD providing up to $50,000 in matching funding to support at least 20 apprenticeships at a minimum of 10 postroduction or visual effects companies across the state. Participating companies will be selected through a competitive process by the PNYA.

For information about the program, contact the Post New York Alliance at [email protected].

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