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Executive Producer Unique Hammond Takes Flight at Aero Film



Unique Hammond
Unique Hammond

Aéro Film has added executive producer Unique Hammond to its Los Angeles office. Hammond recently worked on several projects, including a highly-cinematic web film for Bolthouse Farms out of Goodness Mfg directed by Jason Farrand and a starkly honest American Cancer Society PSA out of The Martin Agency directed by James Mangold, as well as campaigns for Asics and Praxis.

“We’re thrilled to bring Unique’s fresh energy and adventuresome personality to Aéro,” EP Lance O’Connor said.

For Bolthouse Farms, Hammond brought a crisp production perspective to the action-packed chase of an obsessive private eye on the heels of a ruthless health food ‘gangsta’ bunny. The 1:51 web film “Carrot Contraband” follows the dogged detective in pursuit of a street-smart bunny who evades capture as he spreads his healthful Bolthouse snacks throughout the city. Using Aéro’s fleet of in-house offerings, she produced the farcical web film from original concept, through production, editorial and color, entirely in-house.

Hammond also worked in-house to deliver a more somber message in an American Cancer Society PSA starring Josh Groban. The spot features the singer taking his stand against cancer by bringing a bustling train station to a screeching halt with his forthright call for action. While working on the :30 PSA, the project grew to encompass an additional digital and cinema portion of the campaign, which Hammond engaged Aéro’s Indrani to direct. Postproduction for a majority of the ACS content was handled in-house through Aéro Post and NY-based VFX department Aéro Studios.

“I’m excited to join a company with such seasoned production chops,” Hammond said. “I look forward to building and nurturing a hand-picked roster of A-list talent who can handle a wide range of projects.”

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