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FilmLight Brings Blackboard 2 and Baselight TWO to IBC


FilmLight's Blackboard 2
FilmLight will be showing its Blackboard 2 grading control surface and Baselight TWO color grading systems at IBC 2011, Sept. 9-13 in Amsterdam. Introduced at NAB in April, the company is already reporting record sales of both new products.

Blackboard 2 is a control surface for the Baselight color grading system that puts a lens and screen in every key on the panel, opening up new ways to design efficient user interfaces.

Three times as fast as Baselight HD, Baselight TWO is capable of smoothly managing complex 2K and 4K projects. It also coincides with the new Baselight 4.3 software release.

More than 20 systems have been ordered in the past few weeks, including MPC, London; Rain, London; Focus-Fox Studio, Budapest; Cinepostproduction, Munich; Optimus, Chicago; Siam Film, Bangkok and RTVE, Madrid.

“We’re very pleased but not surprised to see these products breaking all records for new sales and upgrades,” said Steve Chapman, co-founder of FilmLight. “We’re having to add production staff to try and keep up with demand, which is always a good problem to have.”

Additionally, current Baselight HD owners can upgrade to Baselight TWO.

“We will swap out a complete Baselight HD node and install a new Baselight TWO, including one day’s engineering time at a cost reflecting off-the-shelf component prices. This makes a Baselight platform comparable with self-configured hardware, but with all the advantages of FilmLight engineering behind it,” explained FilmLight head of marketing, Mark Burton. “A similar program is available for Baselight ONE customers wishing to upgrade to the new faster Baselight ONE hardware platform, which is also on show at IBC.”

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