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FilmLight to introduce FLIP at NAB


FilmLight will introduce FLIP at NAB – its new real-time image processing system.
At NAB 2012, FilmLight will introduce FLIP – a new, real-time image processing system that lets the creative production team design looks in pre-production and apply and refine them on set. Employing a Baselight GPU renderer with Truelight Colour Management, FLIP can create and store an unlimited number of pre-set looks and spatial filters which can then be applied and refined in real time on set. Directors and cinematographers will be able to set exactly the look they want before shooting begins, refine it on set and save the grade so that it can be applied to dailies and other downstream processes.

The company will also debut a new near-set dailies system – Baselight Transfer. Baselight Transfer is a full-featured real-time, 4K dailies processing system that supports all of the latest digital cinema cameras, including Sony F65, Arri Alexa and Red Epic. It was recently used in an F65 4K ACES workflow for M. Night Shyamalan‘s After Earth. Baselight Transfer also offers automatic color matching between on-set grading data from FLIP and raw camera footage ensuring integrity with the look captured on set.

Following the recent announcement of Baselight for Apple Final Cut Pro 7, the company will be demonstrating two new Baselight Editions – Baselight for Nuke and the highly anticipated Baselight for Avid Media Composer.

Finally, the company will have a technology preview of FLUX – a new scalable data management platform, specifically designed for the requirements of the postproduction industry.

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Vicon Introduces Mobile Mocap at SIGGRAPH

Motion capture systems developer Vicon is previewing a futuristic new “Mobile Mocap” technology at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver. Moving mocap out of the lab and into the field, Vicon's Mobile Mocap system taps several new technologies, many years in the making. At the heart of Mobile Mocap is a very small lipstick-sized camera that enables less obtrusive, more accurate facial animation data. The new cameras capture 720p (1280X720) footage at 60 frames per second. In addition, a powerful processing unit synchronizes, stores, and wirelessly transmits the data, all in a tiny wearable design.

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