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Former Avid Exec Michael Phillips Joins Hula Post


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Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips
Hula Post has appointed Michael Phillips to the newly-created post of creative technology officer. A veteran technologist and creative professional, and a former executive with Avid Technology, Phillips will lead strategy, research and development. He will focus on developing new workflows and other emerging technologies. He will also increase Hula’s educational outreach to studios, producers and other industry professionals.

“Production models are quickly evolving and we want to help producers by providing them with the tools they need to work smarter, faster and more efficiently,” said Hula president Denine James Nio. “Michael has demonstrated an incredible knack for recognizing promising new technologies and a talent for transforming them into marketable tools that improve the way people work. We are very excited to have him on our team.”

Phillips brings more than 30 years of experience in research and development, and in hands-on creative roles. Most recently, he led a production and postproduction consultancy, advising productions of workflow design and development.

Phillips spent more than two decades at Avid as part of the market solutions team for post and as principal product designer. He was a co-inventor of Avid Film Composer and Symphony lines, now industry standard editing systems. He was honored with a Sci-Tech Award in 1993 and an Oscar in 1999 as part of the Avid team. He won an innovator of the year honor from the Mass Media Alliance, and holds a dozen patents related to postproduction, sound and interactivity.

Phillips’ background also includes work as an editor and postproduction supervisor. He was a partner in the independent production company Miledia Films, and has worked with the Sundance Institute.

Phillips said that he looked forward to helping directors, producers, editors and others streamline their workflows and make better use of technology. “The production world is changing,” he said. “Post is now happening on sets. It’s exciting but producers need better solutions for managing and coordinating the process.”

Phillips will conduct a series of seminars on emerging workflow technologies beginning this summer. The events will cover such topics editing formats, workflows for new camera systems, emerging storage systems and integrating color correction and editing. They will also feature demos of proprietary technologies being developed by Hula, including its remote review and approval system, Real Time View.

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