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Framestore Restructures Commercial Division


Helen Stanley
Framestore that it is restructuring its senior commercial production management team to reflect the company’s evolution into an integrated advertising partner.

Helen Stanley, who was previously MD, commercials, now becomes MD of integrated advertising (worldwide). In November, Mike Woods – Framestore’s digital creative director – will be relocating from London to New York in order to bring his integration expertise to the U.S. market.

“This is yet another indication of how we are changing as a company,” Jon Collins, Framestore’s president of integrated advertising (worldwide), explained. “We began the transition over two years ago and both Mike and Helen have been an important part of that. We are now taking that to another level. These moves represent a continued desire to make the best use of our talent on a global platform. ”

Stanley’s new role will focus on ensuring full integration between London, New York and L.A. She will also play a key role in maximizing global resources while contributing to sales, marketing, new business and PR strategies and targets.

Mike Woods
“I’m really looking forward to getting more involved with the global side of our business,” said Stanley. “As a company, we have been sharing projects across our various sites for a while now. We have also been offering an integrated advertising service to our clients since 2007. This role gives me an opportunity to increase operational efficiency and communications and share creative solutions across all our offices.”

Woods has had a big impact on London’s digital department, with recent credits including interactive CG for Coca Cola’s “Polar Bowl” and experiential visual effects for Nestle “Fountain.”

“Having already got to know the guys in New York, I can’t wait to build a team that will both serve the local markets and work in conjunction with talent in all of our offices to strengthen our global reputation,” Woods said. “The digital side of our business represents some of the most exciting developments in the industry and it is a huge part of why we can genuinely offer an integrated solution to our clients.”

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