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Gamma & Density Brings On-Set Color to Handheld Devices


Gamma & Density will introduce Image Control at NAB – a new mobile version of its popular 3cP on-set color correction system for DPs and DITs. The new system, which runs on Apple‘s iPad and iPhone, will be on display in development partner Synthetic Aperture’s booth (SL3327E).

Working on portable touch screen devices allows for even greater creative freedom for contemporary image-makers, while maintaining the predictable, consistent results 3cP is known for.

Image Control includes a variety of new and improved tools for the entire pre-production/production/postproduction workflow, including location scouting, pre-visualization, data management, and color correction. Imagery from the built-in camera or image library or – via 3cP – from cameras such as the Arri Alexa, can be imported into Image Control for color correction, cropping, annotation, and previewing on the 3cP-calibrated screens of your iPad and iPhone. Color correction and other metadata can then be emailed directly to postproduction in the form of reports, 3D LUTs or CDLs.

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