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GenArts Launches New Sapphire Edge Video Effects Software for Videographers


GenArts launched its new of Sapphire Edge system – an innovative VFX package that enables videographers to get film-quality video effects quickly and easily. Key features include a portfolio of over 350 pre-built looks, a Looks Browser to preview looks in real-time on the timeline, and streamlined controls to fine-tune easily. Sapphire Edge is priced at $299 and initially supports Apple Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas Pro.

Sapphire Edge makes studio-quality looks accessible to videographers without the steep learning curve or the need to compromise quality for cost.

“Video is exploding and becoming the primary means of communication,” said Katherine Hays, CEO of GenArts. “As more individuals and businesses use video to entertain, influence and inform, they must deliver a minimum level of quality to be credible – and the bar is high. Today’s viewers expect to see the same quality on every screen, or they disengage and abandon. Until now, visual effects were largely the domain of media and advertising experts who relied on them to improve quality and engage viewers. With Sapphire Edge, we are thrilled to introduce a simple, intuitive solution that empowers every video creator to maximize the value of their video content.”

Videographers can quickly browse over 350 pre-built looks and view the results inside their editing system. Sapphire Edge includes access to regular preset updates so looks stay fresh and relevant.

“The Sapphire Edge solution offers compelling visual effects features that work seamlessly with Vegas Pro 10,” said Dave Chaimson, vice president of global marketing at Sony Creative Software. “Users can now utilize the new, intuitive ‘Looks Browser’ to help find the filters that work best for their footage without time-consuming searches.”

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