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Hollywood-DI Grades Guido and And They’re Off with DaVinci Resolve 8


Guido, helmed by director Colin Campbell, was color corrected at Hollywood-DI using DaVinci Resolve Software Version 8.
West Hollywood based Hollywood-DI recently completed color correction for the upcoming feature films Guido and And They’re Off using Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve Software Version 8.

Each film required very different color correction techniques to achieve their respective looks. The gangster thriller Guido was shot using RED ONE cameras, was edited with Avid Media Composer and called for a dark, cold and gruesome look.

And They’re Off, a comedic mockumentary shot on a Canon EOS 7D and edited using Apple‘s Final Cut Pro, required a light, airy and warm treatment. Hollywood-DI colorists Bjorn Myrholt and Andrew Balis both used DaVinci Resolve 8 to create the look and feel each film needed.

Neil Smith, Hollywood-DI’s managing director, described the overall experience of using Resolve Software on two distinct movies: “Both colorists did what I asked of them. They worked closely with their respective directors to turn the raw camera footage into a cinematic feast. Our mission is to bring filmmakers’ visions to life at a price they can afford. Resolve 8 gives our colorists the toolset they need to quickly conform, grade and output feature projects to the exacting standards I demand of Hollywood-DI colorists.”

As well as using DaVinci Resolve 8 for feature color correction projects, Smith is busy organizing training seminars for the newly released free DaVinci Resolve Lite. “We want to show directors, DP’s and DIT’s how to apply Resolve Lite to their dailies and editorial footage to show us the look they’re envisioning, before they pass it onto our colorists for finishing,” said Smith. “Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve is the only color correction system capable of meeting such a wide range of filmmaking challenges.”

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