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Cineworks Louisiana Expands


Louisiana-based Cineworks announced that it has opened a satellite operation at Celtic Media Centre to support film production at the Baton Rouge sound stage facility and around the capitol region. When fully staffed, the new location will employ four to six people full-time, new jobs added to the company’s roster of 15 experienced technical experts. The new operation consists of digital dailies suites with fiber upload capabilities able to work with most of the digital cameras and workflows currently on the market and provides Baton Rouge area productions faster access to Cineworks personnel and capabilities.

“The Celtic satellite location is the first phase of a deliberately planned multi-market expansion in Louisiana that will enable us to give film productions on-the-ground access to the highest levels of technology and technical expertise. Louisiana is seeing more than 100 productions a year, all looking to maximize their budgets,” said Cineworks LA president and CEO Vinny Hogan. “Now, we’re one step closer to the productions, which helps simplify their process and gives them state-of-the-art services right here in the state. It’s an additional level of depth to Louisiana’s overall production industry and that is very attractive to anyone looking to film here.”

The new location also provides easy proximity to the company’s fully equipped state-of-the-art film lab in New Orleans, the only one in the state, and one of only a handful in the nation.

“We welcome the addition of Cineworks to our lot in Baton Rouge because it brings us one step closer to our goal of becoming a truly full-service studio facility,” said Patrick Mulhearn, director of studio operations at the Celtic Media Centre. “Cineworks has made the solid business decision to take their post and on-set services where the productions are going; these days that means opening operations at multiple locations in Louisiana.”

By year’s end Cineworks, which first opened its doors in Louisiana in 2008, expects to open two additional satellite operations in Shreveport and New Orleans.

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